Important Peace Summit

An important peace summit will be held in Ukraine in July 14. It will include 2 Nobel Prize winners, and other eminent leaders, who will discuss how to implement peace in the world. It is being organized by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace.

By Hugh Finlay

In July, scientists, and world leaders in various fields, will meet to discuss ways of bringing peace to the world. This laudable aim is being organized by the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, an organization inspired by the aim of removing nuclear weapons, and finding peaceful ways of solving conflict problems. Its origins stretch back to the days when nuclear weapons made their debut on the world scene, and concerned scientists and scholars, such as Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell, banded together to try to find ways of stopping the world destroying itself through nuclear war.

The Global Union of Scientists for Peace

The GUSP was formed in 2005, and describes itself as "an emerging force in the prevention of terrorism, war, and social violence through the application of cutting edge, field-tested solutions in the areas of conflict resolution, national security, and global peace."
Its 4 aims are:
1. To stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.
2. To encourage more use of negotiation.
3. To reduce societal tensions that cause conflict.
4. To promote the use of research based ways of bringing peace to the world.

John Hagelin

The GUSP is led by quantum physicist, Dr.John Hagelin, who through his knowledge of the latest developments in quantum physics, has discovered a solution to the problem of conflict and war. Being a scientist, he advocates a solution based on verifiable scientific research, and this he has found, in the programs advocated by His Holiness, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Dr. Hagelin points out that conventional ways of bringing peace, namely, war or negotiation, are not effective in dealing with conflict. After a treaty, or a war, conflicts arise again, in what seems a never-ending cycle of conflict after conflict, as verified by world history. Fortunately, and almost amazingly, research on the programs of Maharishi, including Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program including yogic flying, have shown that crime rates and war situations calm down suddenly and inexplicably, when these programs are used. The GUSP cites 23 published studies to show that these programs work in real situations.

So the GUSP is focusing on what it calls a Brain-Based Approach to Peace, pointing out that stressed individuals display abnormal brain functioning, and that this brain functioning becomes normalized, when they do the TM technique.

Studies have also shown that a large group of TMers can reduce the crime rate, or war situation, in an area, suddenly and effectively. For instance, a large group of TM meditators who gathered in Washington DC, in the summer of 1993, reduced the crime rate in the city by 20%. This result was predicted in advance, and the outcome verified by an independent (non-TMer) panel of 20 eminent experts.

Other Speakers

Among the other speakers at the peace conference will be 2 people who used Maharishi's programs to bring peace to their countries. General Jose Marti Villamil, who brought an end to the war between Peru and Ecuador, and Joachim Chissano, the former president of Mozambique, who ended the civil war in his country.

Other speakers attending the conference will be 2 Nobel Prize winners: the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos who brought peace to Colombia, and Rajendra Pachauri for his work on climate change. Also speaking will be General Vasyl Krutov, the former head of the Ukraine Anti-Terrorist Center, and Sergiy Maksymenko, the most respected research scientist in Ukraine. A peace conference to remember!

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