Why Celebrities Do TM

The number of celebrities doing Transcendental Meditation is growing, as they realize the benefits that come from it, and how it can make a powerful contribution to their career.

By Hugh Finlay

The number of celebrities that do Transcendental Meditation is growing, and this is not an accident. TM provides the kind of advantages which a celebrity needs today for success. Celebrities have to be very creative. This means they have to push themselves more than the average person. No wonder they are hailed by the population!

The life of a celebrity can be demanding. This leads to stress. Celebrities need a way of dealing with stress, and at the same time, a way to perform at their best. This is where TM comes in. Scientific research shows that TM is effective at reducing stress, and at the same time provides the deep rest needed to improve performance in activity. Here are some examples of celebrities who have benefited from TM.

Howard Stern

The famous radio host, Howard Stern, is a keen practitioner of TM. He has found that doing TM has contributed "tremendous creativity" to his radio show, and says "I am a great proponent of TM. Everybody in my life meditates." TM helped his mother come out of a deep depression, caused by the death of her sister. Howard has an wild sense of humor, and is well known for his provocative comments on air. He has been doing TM since the age of 18, and talks enthusiastically about TM when interviewing celebrities who also do TM.

Sharon Isbin

The classical guitarist, Sharon Isbin, is an example of a celebrity who is subject to stress due to her deadlines and the demands of high performance. Yet she is able to eliminate the stress through doing TM. She cannot imagine how she could have got by without it. Like Howard Stern, Sharon has found TM to be a great help in supplying the creativity needed for her career. Describing those special moments when creativity flashes she says" I'll be playing and suddenly there is a twist of a phrase or a nuance and you just feel that melting sense of beauty."

Ray Dalio

Ray Dalio is another famous person who does TM. He founded Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, and considers that he could not have achieved this without TM. He is another one who finds that TM brings forth great ideas that he can use in his career. As he puts it "When challenges come at you, you can deal with them like a ninja - in a calm, thoughtful way. When you're centered, your emotions are not hijacking you. You have the ability to think clearly, put things in their right place, and have good perspective. I think meditation has been the single biggest influence on my life." Ray has been doing TM for 40 years.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, well known as an actor, dancer and singer, has doing TM for 20 years, and puts TM "right up there with marriage and children." One of the greatest things Hugh has gotten from doing TM is the ability to be himself. He sees being himself as the basis for the success of his acting career, where he has to act out various parts. He regards this ability to be yourself as "the most important book in the library."

Megan Fairchild

Megan is a principal dancer with the New York City ballet. However she became prone to fainting. This was, of course, a threat to her career, and that is when she turned to TM. Since doing TM her fainting has gone. TM allowed her to calm down, and this in turn stopped the fainting. TM has allowed her to be more daring in jumping through windows of opportunity that pop up during her career. Sometimes even dancers need help with jumping.

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