The Road To Health With TM

John, a Scotsman, tells of his experience of Transcendental Meditation. Although he had overcome alcoholism many years before, he still felt an underlying anxiety. He decided to try TM. The results were impressive. The thing he likes about TM is that it is so easy to do, much easier than any other type of meditation he had tried.

By Hugh Finlay

John, an engineer from Glasgow, Scotland, as a young man, had grown up in a stressful atmosphere, and turned to drugs and alcohol for relief. He became an alcoholic, but freed himself from it with the help of the organization Alcoholics Anonymous. Nevertheless, years later, he was still plagued with anxiety.

The Effect Of TM

Then he decided to learn Transcendental Meditation. As John says: "My first dive blew me away. I have never been so rested in all my life." John had always been a poor sleeper, so the deep rest that came from doing TM, was especially appreciated by him. Since doing TM, his sleep at night has also greatly improved.
John also found himself becoming less speedy and anxious. His 'racing brain', as he calls it, started to slow down to a more normal rate, no longer filling his mind with anxious thoughts. He now has more energy for constructive things, making his life much more progressive. As John puts it: "I would be anxious and fearful about something or someone or some event and I would do my TM practice and come from it rested and full of energy. My great fears would have evaporated to the point where i had forgotten about what was giving me so much grief in the first place."
As Maharishi puts it: "The Bhagavad-Gita gives a very clear exposition of the path of enlightenment, Transcendental Meditation, and claims that there is no obstacle to it, there is no hurdle on the way. Even a slight practice relieves man of great fears."

TM Is Easy!

Something else John likes about TM, is how easy and enjoyable it is. As he says: "With TM my mind can wander during meditation and it's alright. I can't stress enough how important that fact is. I was someone who had very fixed ideas on what meditation was all about: maintaining a laser-like focus on the subject I was meditating on. As I have subsequently found out by listening to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, this is nigh impossible. Now meditation is no longer a chore for me, something I have to do but something I look forward to doing daily because I enjoy it."
John also likes the fact that TM can be done, pretty much anywhere; very useful in today's busy world.

These are just some of the benefits John gained from TM. So, he considers the 4% of the day he spends doing TM, to be a very wise investment.

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