Clean Disruption - Energy & Transportation. The World of Tomorrow is Coming Now. 

Stanford University futurist Tony Seba spent the last decades studying technological disruptions. He argues that the Electric Vehicle, battery storage, and solar power, along with autonomous vehicles, are a perfect example of a 10x exponential process which will wipe fossil fuels off the market in about a decade.

By Alex Green

We live in an age of “disruption”, a word coined to define rapid radical changes in the way we live and think. Technological advancements are bringing what was once a distant future into the immediate tomorrow. Enjoy this wonderful talk by a world authority on disruption, Tony Seba, as he describes the rapid changes now happening in the energy and transportation industries. Seba details the enormous changes taking place that are as major as the shift from horse and buggy to cars. Want a clear understanding of how you will be living 10 years from now, watch this, you’ll be glad you did.


Tony Seba is the author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, “Solar Trillions” and “Winners Take All”, a serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program. His work focuses on clean energy, entrepreneurship, market disruption, and the exponential technology trends, business model innovation, and product architecture innovations that are leading to the disruption of some of the world’s major industries, such as energy, transportation, infrastructure, finance, and manufacturing.

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