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Solar News Around The World

Oct 12, 2017 - United Kingdom

Solar energy use continues to develop around the world, as people see the advantages of this technology, for themselves and the environment.


An End To Mercury Exports

Oct 06, 2017 - Switzerland

An international conference is taking place in Switzerland which will greatly restrict the movement  of mercury, one of the most toxic chemicals in the world.


Regeneration in US Agriculture

Oct 03, 2017 - United States

There is a rise in the popularity of local food, and farmers are cashing in on this trend.


London Taxis Go Electric

Oct 01, 2017 - United Kingdom

Londoners are getting fed up with air pollution in the city, and the government and car manufacturers are responding to the rising demand for electric vehicles.


Corporations Encourage Electric Vehicles

Oct 01, 2017 - United States

A group of corporations are encouraging auto companies to move faster to shift to electric vehicles only production.


Organic Soil Reduces Carbon Emissions

Sep 22, 2017 - United States

A new study indicates that the soil on organic farms hold 25% more carbon than soil from conventional farms.


The Netherlands Goes Bike Crazy

Sep 11, 2017 - Netherlands

Biking is catching on ever more strongly in the Netherlands, as people the Dutch realize the win-win situation that biking brings.


Renewable Energy Can Supply Australian Homes With 90% Power

Sep 10, 2017 - Australia

Renewable energy can now supply Australia with most of its domestic power needs. Yet the Australian government is still following a policy of getting much of its energy from polluting sources, such as coal and gas.


The Brain Can Think In 11 Dimensions

Sep 02, 2017 - Switzerland

Using a branch of math known as algebraic topology, scientists have discovered that the human brain can operate in 11 dimensions.


Electric Truck On The Way

Aug 31, 2017 - United States

Tesla is planning to bring out an electric truck. Tesla is among a number of companies who are planning to do the same thing.


Adversity Brings A Return To Traditional Farming Methods

Aug 28, 2017 - India

An ex farmer in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is campaigning for a return to traditional farming methods after discovering that indigenous crops are better suited to local conditions than hybrids brought from outside.


Solar Continues To Shine In The UK

Aug 22, 2017 - United Kingdom

The growth in solar power continues in Britain, despite Britain not being the sunniest country in the world.


Peace Looms In Korea

Aug 17, 2017 - Korea

Despite the confrontation between the US and North Korea, there are signs that peace is appearing on the scene. Unofficial sources say that the two countries are making approaches to each other to come to a peaceful solution.


Why Celebrities Do TM

Aug 14, 2017 - United States

The number of celebrities doing Transcendental Meditation is growing, as they realize the benefits that come from it, and how it can make a powerful contribution to their career.


Australia To Create Electric Car Highway

Aug 08, 2017 - Australia

In Australia, the government of the state of Queensland is backing a plan to create a huge highway along the route of the Great Barrier Reef, which will have free charging stations for electric vehicles.


US Organics Continues To Expand

Aug 04, 2017 - United States

US organic food production has continued expanding. Fruit and vegetables are the most popular organic food products. But meat and poultry, along with spices and dips, are also rising in popularity. Organic non-food products have also increased their sales. Thailand is another country that is increasing its organic industry.


The Continued Growth Of Organic Farming

Aug 02, 2017 - India

Organic agriculture is on the increase worldwide, with India, Tanznaia, and Germany being examples of this growth to a more sustainable planet.


Sustainable Building Gains Popularity

Jul 31, 2017 - United Kingdom

Environmentally friendly buildings are gaining popularity, with wealthy, discerning buyers around the world wanting eco-houses that supply their own power. The trend is partly motivated by the desire to save money, and partly by the desire to be kinder to the environment.


Environmental Awareness Continues Increasing

Jul 26, 2017 - United States

Awareness of the importance of environmental issues in the world is continuing. in the Netherlands, Google will purchase solar energy, to power one of its centers there. The South Korean electronics company Samsung, will recycle many parts from a discontinued line of cell phones. And some US states have decided to comply with the Paris climate agreement.


British Peace Minister Proposed

Jul 25, 2017 - United Kingdom

The leader of the Labour Party, the main opposition party in the United Kingdom, has said he will appoint a minister for peace. The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said he would still use the military under certain circumstances, but not on the scale it has been used in the recent past.